In The Nanopresent

  My works in this series dwell on the moment when we are leaving the past and entering the future. This slice of time that we call the present is experienced only as a transition. To me, it is captured in the auto rear-view mirror. The mirror gives us the receding glimpse of the past, and over its forward rim presents us with the comings-ahead. This -nanopresent,- (a word coined by me) is the time in which the departing images have reflected from the mirror and meet our eye, a distance of about a foot, taking one billionth of a second (nanosecond). This interval mediates the past as one moves into the future.

My new work -In the Nanopresent- is mostly acrylic on canvas, with small sets of pencil drawings on paper and digitally-created prints. Accurate highway and mirror renderings give both the past and forward views. The series utilizes past themes of the highway from my -Dynamo Road- series. Imagery centered about the Hollywood sign bespeaks of the grand illusion of Hollywood that has assumed a parallel reality in our lives. The present paintings are continuations of the theme of movement along the Tao, but they now involve the idea of elapsed time as well as of space. There is a polarity between realistic renderings and abstract scenes. The contrasts are thought-provoking and harmonious. They are meant to hold us in the present, at least until the scene changes a nanosecond later. 

Digital Creations
Nanopresent Drawings
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