CURRICULUM VITAE                                                                               Seta Injeyan
November 2017                                                                                             5610 Pine Cone Road
                                                                                                                                      La Crescenta, CA91214
EDUCATION                                                                                                               (818) 248-4637

    Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA, B.A. Fine Arts (with honors), 1976


    2015  Silvana Gallery, Glendale CA
    2012  Silvana Gallery, Glendale CA
    2010  Shoghart Gallery, Burbank CA
    2007  Harvest Gallery, Glendale CA
    2005  Harvest Gallery, Glendale CA
    2005  Studio Gallery, La Crescenta CA
    1998  Carnegie Arts Center, Turlock CA
    1998  Stanford University, Stanford, CA
    1997  5757 Century Blvd., Los Angeles CA
    1997  Sumitomo Building, Los Angeles CA
    1997  330 Brand Blvd., Glendale CA
    1995  Brendan Walter Gallery, Santa Monica CA
    1994  Brendan Walter Gallery, Santa Monica CA
    1993  Burbank Municipal Art Gallery, Burbank CA
    1992  Brand Library Art Galleries, Burbank CA
    1992  El Camino College, Torrance CA
    1991  Photo Art Gallery, Burbank CA
    1989  Parker-Blake Gallery, Denver CO
    1987  Merging One Gallery, Santa Monica CA
    1985  LA Artcore Gallery, Los Angeles CA
    1983  LA Artcore Gallery, Los Angeles CA
    1982  F. Benjamin Gallery, Ltd., Bakersfield CA
    1980  Westwood Art Association Gallery, Los Angeles CA


      2015  LIFE 100, Brand Gallery, Glendale, CA
    2015    Blink On-Line Gallery Exhibition
    2014 California Dreaming, an International Portrait of Southern California,    including displays in San Diego
 Art Museum, Oceanside Art Museum, and the Palazzo della Provincia di Frisone, Italy   
    2014  Shoghart Gallery, Burbank CA
    1992-2010  The artist was affiliated with the Art Rental and Sales Gallery of the LA County Museum of Art for
this period. (The usual contracting period for artists in     the ARSG is five years.)
    2008        Shoghart Gallery, Burbank CA
    2006        Harvest Gallery, Glendale CA
     2000        Kenilworth Art Showcase, Brooklyn NY
    1998    Higashiosaka Art Museum, Jpn (and Museum Collection)
    1998    "Reflections '98," Downey Museum of Art, Downey CA
    1998    "Shadows: 2000," Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, OR
    1997    Gail Harvey Gallery, Santa Monica CA
    1996  Brendan Walter Gallery, Santa Monica CA
    1995    "Man-Made Landscapes," Joslyn Fine Arts Gallery Torrance CA
               Brendan Walter Gallery, Santa Monica CA
    1994    "Artists and Architecture," Artspace Gallery, Woodland Hills CA
    1994    "Unnatural Landscapes," Century Gallery, Sylmar CA
    1991  LA Art Council Auction/Exhibition, Butterfield & Butterfield Los Angeles CA
    1990    Arizona State University, Tempe AZ
    1988    "Absorbing the Grand Tradition", Roberts Art Gallery, Santa Monica CA
    1987    Merging One Gallery, Santa Monica CA (June)
    1985    "To the Astonishing Horizon," Design Center, Los Angeles CA
    1985  "LA Artcore Invitational," Brand Library Gallery, Glendale CA
    1985     "North Region Sampler," Century Gallery, Sylmar CA
    1985  "The Spring Show," Adlen Art Gallery, Santa Rosa CA
    1984    "Art/Soul Auction and Exhibition," Stella Polaris Gallery, Beverly Hills CA
        International Electronics and Electrical Engineers Centennial, Invitational Competition, New York NY
    1983  Metro Rail Transit Building, Los Angeles CA
    1983  Century Gallery, Sylmar CA
    1983  LA Artcore Gallery, Los Angeles CA
    1983    Palos Verdes Art Center, Rancho Palos Verdes CA
    1983    "New American Artists," Mona Lisa Gallery, Tokyo, Jpn
    1982-3 Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara CA, and a traveling show                  to six museums thereafter.
    1981    Focus Gallery, San Francisco CA
    1981  F. Benjamin Gallery, Ltd., Bakersfield CA
    1980    Art Rental Gallery, LA County Museum of Art, Los Angeles CA
    1980  Gallery of the Brand Library, Glendale CA
    1979    Drawing and Prints, Miami University, Oxford OH
    1978    Society of Art Center Alumni, Pasadena CA
    1977    Ellie Blankfort Gallery, Los Angeles CA (June)
    1977  Ellie Blankfort Gallery, Los Angeles CA (January)


    2015    Genocide Centennial Art Contest (sponsored by the LA City Council), Best Mixed-Media Entry
    2014    California Dreaming, an International Portrait of Southern California, traveling show award
    2014    LACDA 2014, International Juried Competition (fourth place)
    2013 Juried Grand Prize, International Art Business Symposium, Ferris State           Univ., Grand Rapids MI
    1984    American Photographer, New York NY, publication of "The Forewarning" as a postcard for sale and publicity purposes
    1983  Washington State Arts Commission, Olympia WA, three purchase prize        awards
    1976    Society of Art Center Alumni, Pasadena CA, Best of Show
    1975    Armenian Allied Arts Competition, Los Angeles CA, First Prize

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