Seta Injeyan


Seta Injeyan is a Los Angeles-based fine artist. Her paintings are an inner journey where time and space lose their relevance. Injeyan has created the genre of Perspective Surrealism, whereby the conscious and unconscious mind is aroused by images that are rife with symbolic structure and a visual poetry that resonate with a unified voice. Her paintings have been shown in many national and international galleries and museums. In the words of noted art critic Peter Frank, “As Injeyan employs it here, the combination of realism and expressionism is itself a surrealistic parallel to the Gnostic belief that ‘What is above is below, what is inner is outer.’ ” Her explorations of multiple facets of the subtle world are the roadways that lead her to examine the internal universes of humanity, and their organic structure.

Stay in High Gear 22x30